§ 28.2-302.7

Recreational boat; reporting of catch

A. The owner or operator of a recreational boat used for saltwater recreational fishing shall have the option of purchasing a saltwater recreational fishing license which covers his passengers and himself to meet the licensing requirements set forth in § 28.2-302.1. The cost of the license shall be $ 30 or as subsequently revised by the Commission pursuant to § 28.2-201 a year for boats; however, notwithstanding subdivision 4 of § 28.2-201, the Commission may institute a one-time fee increase of no more than $ 10 to purchase the license issued pursuant to this section. If the owner or operator of the boat does not purchase a license which covers all his passengers, individuals shall still purchase a license as required by § 28.2-302.1. Purchasers of licenses pursuant to this section will be issued an individual license, at no additional cost, as required in § 28.2-302.1.

B. Holders of licenses issued pursuant to subsection A shall report catch and other data as are deemed necessary by the Commission for effective fisheries management.

C. All funds collected pursuant to this section shall be paid into the state treasury to the credit of the Virginia Saltwater Recreational Fishing Development Fund, as established by § 28.2-302.3.


1992, c. 895; 1994, c. 559; 1999, c. 106; 2009, c. 9; 2010, c. 484.


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