§ 28.2-315

Fishing with trawl net within three-mile limit; license fee

A. It is unlawful to catch fish, shellfish, or marine organisms within the three-mile limit of the Virginia Atlantic shoreline with trawl nets or similar devices. However, the Commission may issue licenses to trawl within the three-mile limit from Cape Charles north to the Maryland line, except during September and October and from 36 degrees 40′ north latitude south to the North Carolina line at any time, and from Cape Henry south to 36 degrees 40′ north latitude between October 1 and May 1.

B. The Commission, to protect or promote the fisheries, may close and open the area, or any part thereof, described in subsection A to trawling or restrict the manner, method, size, and season of catch.

C. The license fee to fish with a trawl net or similar device in the area described in subsection A shall be $ 100 or as subsequently revised by the Commission pursuant to § 28.2-201 for each boat so employed.


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