§ 28.2-501

Application for license to take or catch oysters or clams

A. Any resident of this Commonwealth who desires to take or catch oysters or clams by any device other than a scrape or dredge shall apply to the Commissioner for a license.

B. Any resident desiring to dredge or scrape for oysters shall apply in writing to the officer assigned to the district in which he resides. The application shall be sworn to and shall state the name of his vessel, the owner or owners, the captain or person in charge, and the length of vessel or gross tonnage at which it is rated. The application shall further state the district in which the owner resides; that the applicant is a resident qualified under the requirements of this section; that no nonresident owns the vessel, in whole or in part; and that it is not held with any intention, or under any agreement, to return it at any subsequent time to a nonresident.


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