§ 28.2-503

License for taking clams with tongs

The license for taking clams, by ordinary or patent tongs, shall entitle the holder to take only clams from the public bottoms in the waters of the Commonwealth but not from the public oyster rocks, beds, and shoals or from leased oyster grounds. Such a license does not permit the taking of oysters. The Commission may authorize the taking of clams from the public oyster rocks, beds, and shoals of (i) the lower York River below the patent tong line and (ii) that area in the Poquoson River contained within Public Ground Tract No. 1 and Public Ground Tract No. 9, west of a line connecting York Point and Hunt’s Point and northeast of a line connecting Hunt’s Point and survey Station “Spit” when it determines that commercial quantities of oysters are not present and are not likely to return due to the presence of oyster diseases. However, the Commission shall annually review the conditions in the area designated under clause (ii) to determine whether to authorize the taking of clams.


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