§ 29.1-101.2

Creation and management of Fund

There is a permanent revolving fund known as the Virginia Fish Passage Grant and Revolving Loan Fund, hereinafter referred to as the Fund. The Fund shall be comprised of general fund moneys, receipts by the Fund from loans made by it, all income from the investment of moneys held by the Fund, and any other sums designated for deposit to the Fund from any source, public or private. The Fund shall be administered and managed by the Department and shall be used solely for the administration and management of the Fund and the Fish Passage Program. Moneys may be expended (i) as provided for in §§ 29.1-101.5 and 29.1-101.6 and (ii) for the costs incurred by the Department in the management of the Fund and operation of the Fish Passage Program.


1989, c. 5, § 10.1-1214; 1992, cc. 464, 887.


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