§ 29.1-316

Special fishing permits for certain youth camps

A. Upon receipt of an application from an officer or designated representative of any organized nonprofit tax-exempt youth camp, the Director shall issue a permit for the duration of any season of such youth camp which allows camp members under eighteen years of age to fish without licenses in public waters adjacent to property owned by the camp. The permits shall not be issued for use in designated waters stocked with trout or in waters where a daily fishing fee has been imposed pursuant to § 29.1-318.

B. The application for the permit shall state the name and description of the group, certification of the group’s tax-exempt status, the period of time during which it will be used, the general area in which it will be used, and the name of the persons or organization responsible for the group.


1980, c. 52, § 29-55.3:3; 1982, c. 27; 1987, c. 488.


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