§ 29.1-334

Certificate when license lost or destroyed

If a license, other than a license issued by electronic means or a temporary license as described in § 29.1-335, is lost or destroyed, the person to whom the license is issued may immediately apply to the clerk or agent who issued the license for a license certificate. Upon written statement that the license has been lost or destroyed, the clerk or agent shall issue a license certificate and endorse the number of the original license and date of issue thereon. A temporary license that is lost or destroyed may not be replaced with a license certificate. The fee of the clerk or agent for filing the statement and issuing a license certificate shall be twenty-five cents for agents and as prescribed in subdivision A 30 of § 17.1-275 for clerks and shall be paid by the applicant. The clerk or agent shall not be required to remit his fees for issuing license certificates. No licenses shall be redeemed or exchanged. Damaged licenses shall be returned to the Department in a manner prescribed by the Director, and proper deductions from the gross amount shall then be made. The Department shall furnish forms of written statements and license certificates and shall make available equipment and materials as needed or as required by this section. Replacement of any lost or destroyed license issued by electronic means should be made in a manner prescribed by the Director.


Code 1950, § 29-74; 1976, c. 660; 1987, c. 488; 1994, c. 432; 2000, c. 132.


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