§ 29.1-353

Local governing body to adopt ordinance

A. Any local governing body may adopt an ordinance consistent with the provisions of this article for the purpose of establishing a damage stamp program. No such ordinance shall be in force between May 1 of any year and the following April 30 whenever the amount of money in this special fund is more than twice the average annual disbursement made from the fund for the payment of damage claims in the locality during the immediately preceding three years. However, such estoppel shall not apply to any locality during the first three years immediately following the effective date of the first such ordinance adopted by the governing body of that locality pursuant to this or any earlier similar enabling act.

B. Any locality which has adopted an ordinance prior to July 1, 1981, will not be required to adopt a new ordinance; however, any prior ordinance shall be administered pursuant to the provisions of this article.


1981, c. 16, § 29-92.2; 1987, c. 488.


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