§ 29.1-530

Open and closed season for trapping, bag limits, etc

A. There shall be a continuous open season for trapping nuisance species and a continuous closed trapping season on all other species of wild birds and wild animals, except as provided by Board regulations. However, a landowner or his agent may trap and dispose of, except by sale, squirrels creating a nuisance on his property at any time in any area where the use of firearms for such purpose is prohibited by law or local ordinance.

B. In addition, the following general rules shall be applicable to any person trapping in the Commonwealth:

1. The trapper shall be responsible for all damage done by an illegally set trap, and any person finding a trap set contrary to law may report it to the landowner upon whose land the trap is located or to any conservation police officer who may destroy or otherwise make the trap inoperable.

2. Licensed trappers may shoot wild animals caught in traps on any day of the week during the seasons prescribed in subsection A in order to dispatch such animal. No additional licenses are required other than a valid Virginia trapping license.

3. It is lawful to trap wild animals within the daily bag and season limits, if any, during the open season provided by Board regulations.


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