§ 29.1-733.19

Transfer of ownership by secured party’s transfer statement

A. For the purpose of this section, “secured party’s transfer statement” means a record signed by the secured party of record stating:

1. A default on an obligation secured by the watercraft has occurred;

2. The secured party of record is exercising or has exercised post-default remedies with respect to the watercraft;

3. By reason of the exercise, the secured party of record has the right to transfer the ownership interest of an owner, and the name of the owner;

4. The name and last-known mailing address of the owner of record and the secured party of record;

5. The name of the transferee;

6. All other information required by subsection B of § 29.1-733.7; and

7. One of the following:

a. The certificate of title is an electronic certificate;

b. The secured party does not have possession of the written certificate of title created in the name of the owner of record; or

c. The secured party is delivering the written certificate of title to the Department with the secured party’s transfer statement.

B. Unless the Department rejects a secured party’s transfer statement for a reason stated in subsection C of § 29.1-733.8, not later than 20 days after delivery to the Department of the statement and payment of fees and taxes payable under the law of the Commonwealth other than this article in connection with the statement or the acquisition or use of the watercraft, the Department shall:

1. Accept the statement;

2. Amend the files of the Department to reflect the transfer; and

3. If the name of the owner whose ownership interest is being transferred is indicated on the certificate of title:

a. Cancel the certificate even if the certificate has not been delivered to the Department;

b. Create a new certificate indicating the transferee as owner; and

c. Deliver the new certificate or a record evidencing an electronic certificate.

C. An application under subsection A or the creation of a certificate of title under subsection B is not by itself a disposition of the watercraft and does not by itself relieve the secured party of its duties under Title 8.9A.


2013, c. 787.


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