Licenses For Waterfowl Blinds And For Hunting Waterfowl

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Licenses For Waterfowl Blinds And For Hunting Waterfowl.” It is part of Title 29.1, titled “Game, Inland Fisheries And Boating.” It is part of Chapter 3, titled “Licenses.” It’s comprised of the following 18 sections.

§ 29.1-340
Hunting waterfowl from unlicensed blinds and without season license
§ 29.1-341
Stationary blinds defined
§ 29.1-341.1
Number of stationary blinds permitted; when erected
§ 29.1-342
Floating blinds
§ 29.1-343
Fees for waterfowl blind licenses
§ 29.1-344
Stationary blinds on shore and in the public waters for owners of riparian rights
§ 29.1-344.1
Stationary duck blind license; riparian landowners exempted
§ 29.1-344.2
Time period for obtaining riparian stationary blind licenses
§ 29.1-345
Stationary blinds in the public waters for nonriparian owners
§ 29.1-345.1
Time period for obtaining nonriparian stationary blind licenses
§ 29.1-345.2
Damaged stationary blinds in Virginia Beach; civil penalty
§ 29.1-346
When license for floating blinds issued; distance from stationary blinds
§ 29.1-347
Renewing licenses
§ 29.1-348
Obtaining licenses
§ 29.1-349
Hunting, erecting blind within 500 yards of licensed blind
§ 29.1-350
Exemption from application of article
§ 29.1-351
Regulations to be issued; present regulations continued in force
§ 29.1-351.1
Penalty for violations