Boating Safety

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Boating Safety.” It is part of Title 29.1, titled “Game, Inland Fisheries And Boating.” It is part of Chapter 7, titled “Boating Laws.” It’s comprised of the following 32 sections.

§ 29.1-734
Authorization for and placing of markers in waters of the Commonwealth used for public swimming areas; no motorboating, waterskiing in marked area
§ 29.1-734.1
Skin and scuba divers
§ 29.1-735
Regulations for vessel operation and equipment
§ 29.1-735.1
Board authorized to promulgate regulations for seaplanes
§ 29.1-735.2
Boating safety education required; Board to promulgate regulations
§ 29.1-735.3
Regulation of parasail operators
§ 29.1-736
Boat rentals; equipment; safety course
§ 29.1-737
Muffling devices
§ 29.1-738
Operating boat or manipulating water skis, etc., in reckless manner or while intoxicated, etc
§ 29.1-738.01
Operating boat in an improper manner; penalty
§ 29.1-738.02
Persons under age twenty-one operating watercraft after illegally consuming alcohol; penalty
§ 29.1-738.03
Reckless operation of a personal watercraft
§ 29.1-738.1
Analysis of breath to determine alcohol content of blood
§ 29.1-738.2
Consent to blood or breath test
§ 29.1-738.3
Presumptions from alcohol or drug content
§ 29.1-738.4
Additional penalty for reckless or intoxicated operation of a watercraft or motorboat
§ 29.1-738.5
Participation in rehabilitation program
§ 29.1-738.6
When arrested person operating a vessel; how vessel removed from scene of arrest
§ 29.1-739
Duty of operator involved in collision, accident or other casualty; immunity from liability; report of collision, etc.; summons in lieu of arrest
§ 29.1-739.1
Disregarding signal by law-enforcement officer to stop; attempts to elude; penalty
§ 29.1-739.2
Conservation police officers to patrol lakes
§ 29.1-740
Duty to stop and render assistance; penalties for violations
§ 29.1-741
Furnishing information to agency of United States
§ 29.1-742
Towing water skis, surfboards, etc
§ 29.1-743
§ 29.1-744
Local regulation; application for placement or removal of "no wake" buoys, etc
§ 29.1-744.1
§ 29.1-744.2
§ 29.1-744.3
Slacken speed and control wakes near structures
§ 29.1-744.4
"Pass-through" zones; local ordinances; penalties
§ 29.1-745
Enforcement of chapter; vessels displaying Coast Guard inspection decal
§ 29.1-746