§ 3.2-3209

Establishing minimum retail price; exemption

The Commission shall have no authority to establish a minimum retail price for milk, except upon a determination after a public hearing that the absence of a minimum retail price has caused or is about to cause a disruption in the Virginia milk market or some segment of the market that is likely to depress the producer price or has caused or is likely to cause a substantial reduction in competition between processor-distributors in an area, so as to adversely affect the public health and welfare that requires an adequate supply of milk at reasonable and fair prices. In accordance with the Administrative Process Act, § 2.2-4000 et seq. and in particular § 2.2-4002, the Commission may establish minimum retail prices on an emergency basis, prior to public hearing.The Commission, in establishing any minimum retail price when it deems it necessary to do so, shall impose a minimum retail price only for an area or political subdivision wherein the public interest as herein set forth justifies a minimum retail price being set and shall be guided by the same factors used in determining the reasonableness of prices under § 3.2-3208. The Commission shall periodically review all outstanding minimum retail price orders to insure that they do not remain in effect any longer than the public interest requires.


1974, c. 467, § 3.1-437.1; 2008, c. 860.


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