§ 3.2-5627

Pricing of retail merchandise

A. In a point-of-sale system the selling price of a consumer item displayed or offered for sale at retail shall be clearly and conspicuously indicated in Arabic numerals, so as to be readable and understandable by visual inspection, and shall be stamped upon or affixed to the consumer item or posted at or adjacent to the display.The provisions of this section shall not apply to: (i) greeting cards sold individually that have a code price, readable and understandable by visual inspection, on the back of the card; or (ii) merchandise ordered as a gift by a consumer that is sent by mail or other delivery service to a person other than the consumer by the retailer at the request of the consumer.

B. Any person who knowingly violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor.


1991, c. 605, § 3.1-949.1; 1993, c. 604; 2008, c. 860.


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