§ 3.2-6507.2

Commercial dog breeding; requirements

Commercial dog breeders shall:

1. Maintain no more than 50 dogs over the age of one year at any time for breeding purposes. However, a higher number of dogs may be allowed if approved by local ordinance after a public hearing. Any such ordinance may include additional requirements for commercial breeding operations;

2. Breed female dogs only: (i) after annual certification by a licensed veterinarian that the dog is in suitable health for breeding; (ii) after the dog has reached the age of 18 months; and (iii) if the dog has not yet reached the age of 8 years;

3. Dispose of dogs only by gift, sale, transfer, barter, or euthanasia by a licensed veterinarian;

4. Dispose of deceased dogs in accordance with § 3.2-6554;

5. Dispose of dog waste in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations; and

6. Maintain accurate records for at least five years including:

a. The date on which a dog enters the operation;

b. The person from whom the animal was purchased or obtained, including the address and phone number of such person;

c. A description of the animal, including the species, color, breed, sex, and approximate age and weight;

d. Any tattoo, microchip number, or other identification number carried by or appearing on the animal;

e. Each date that puppies were born to such animal and the number of puppies;

f. All medical care and vaccinations provided to the animal, including certifications required by a licensed veterinarian under this chapter; and

g. The disposition of each animal and the date.


2008, c. 852, § 3.1-796.77:2.


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