Pesticide Application And Certification.

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Pesticide Application And Certification..” It is part of Title 3.2, titled “Agriculture, Animal Care, And Food.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Production And Sale Of Agricultural Products..” It is part of Chapter 39, titled “Pesticide Control.” It’s comprised of the following 6 sections.

§ 3.2-3929
Restricted use pesticides prohibited; exceptions; training required
§ 3.2-3930
Application and certification of commercial applicators
§ 3.2-3931
Agencies or persons exempt or partially exempt
§ 3.2-3932
Application and certification of private applicators
§ 3.2-3933
Certificate renewals; late fee for delinquent renewals; reexamination
§ 3.2-3934
Reciprocal agreement