Commission Merchants.

This is Article 2 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Commission Merchants..” It is part of Title 3.2, titled “Agriculture, Animal Care, And Food.” It is part of Subtitle III, titled “Production And Sale Of Agricultural Products..” It is part of Chapter 47, titled “Sale Of Farm Produce.” It’s comprised of the following 29 sections.

§ 3.2-4709
§ 3.2-4710
Certain activities exempt from article
§ 3.2-4711
License required; application for license to be in writing; contents
§ 3.2-4712
Fee and bond to accompany license
§ 3.2-4713
Applications for renewal licenses
§ 3.2-4714
Disposition of sums received for licenses
§ 3.2-4715
Certified copy of license; fee; posting of license during sale periods
§ 3.2-4716
Bond not required for certain auction sales of livestock
§ 3.2-4717
Agreements with U.S. Department of Agriculture; powers and duties of Commissioner as to bonds filed with U.S. Department of Agriculture
§ 3.2-4718
Execution and terms of bond; action thereon
§ 3.2-4719
Duties and powers of Commissioner with respect to bonds
§ 3.2-4720
Schedule of commissions and charges to be filed
§ 3.2-4721
Investigation of transactions by Commissioner
§ 3.2-4722
Complaint to Commissioner by consignor; Commissioner's action
§ 3.2-4723
Right of entry; administration of oaths; testimony
§ 3.2-4724
Grounds for refusal or revocation of license
§ 3.2-4725
Publication of revocation
§ 3.2-4726
Failure to comply with orders of Commissioner constitutes contempt
§ 3.2-4727
Copies of papers in Commissioner's office as prima facie evidence
§ 3.2-4728
Appeal from orders and actions of Commissioner
§ 3.2-4729
Records to be kept by commission merchant
§ 3.2-4730
Detailed statements shall be kept of claims for overcharges or damages filed by commission merchant for consignor
§ 3.2-4731
Record and account, together with remittance for each sale, to be delivered to consignor
§ 3.2-4732
Copies of records to be kept by commission merchant
§ 3.2-4733
Certificate establishing condition, quality, and grade to be furnished by Commissioner in event of dispute
§ 3.2-4734
Duty of attorney for the Commonwealth
§ 3.2-4735
§ 3.2-4736
License required
§ 3.2-4737
Offenses and punishment