Transportation And Sale Of Animals.

This is Article 3 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Transportation And Sale Of Animals..” It is part of Title 3.2, titled “Agriculture, Animal Care, And Food.” It is part of Subtitle V, titled “Domestic Animals.” It is part of Chapter 65, titled “Comprehensive Animal Care.” It’s comprised of the following 12 sections.

§ 3.2-6508
Transporting animals; requirements; penalty
§ 3.2-6508.1
Sale of dogs or cats prohibited in certain places
§ 3.2-6509
Misrepresentation of animal's condition; penalties
§ 3.2-6510
Sale of unweaned or certain immature animals prohibited, vaccinations required for dogs and cats; penalty
§ 3.2-6511
Failure of dealer or pet shop to provide adequate care; penalty
§ 3.2-6511.1
Pet shops; procurement of dogs; penalty
§ 3.2-6512
Sale without pet dealer's animal history certificate violation of Consumer Protection Act; contents of certificate
§ 3.2-6513
Inclusion of false or misleading statements in certificate violation of Consumer Protection Act
§ 3.2-6514
Consumer remedies for receipt of diseased animal upon certification by veterinarian
§ 3.2-6515
Written notice of consumer remedies required to be supplied by pet dealers
§ 3.2-6516
Failure of pet dealer to effect registration after promise; violation of Consumer Protection Act; remedies; veterinary certification; finding of intestinal parasites; illness subsequent to sale
§ 3.2-6517
Remedies cumulative