§ 30-126

Civil penalty from violation of this chapter

A. In addition to any other fine or penalty provided by law, any money or other thing of value derived by a legislator from a violation of §§ 30-103 through 30-108 shall be forfeited and, in the event of a knowing violation, there may also be imposed a civil penalty in an amount equal to the amount of money or thing of value forfeited to the Commonwealth. If the thing of value received by the legislator in violation of this chapter should enhance in value between the time of the violation and the time of discovery of the violation, the greater value shall determine the amount of the civil penalty.

B. A legislator who fails to file the disclosure form required by § 30-111 within the time period prescribed shall be assessed a civil penalty in an amount equal to $ 250. The Council shall notify the Attorney General of any legislator’s failure to file the required form within 30 days of the deadline for filing and the Attorney General shall assess and collect the civil penalty. All civil penalties collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited into the general fund and used exclusively to fund the Council.


1987, Sp. Sess., c. 1, § 2.1-639.57; 2001, c. 844; 2012, cc. 283, 756; 2015, cc. 763, 777.


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