§ 30-129.1

Orientation sessions on ethics and conflicts of interests

The Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council shall conduct an orientation session (i) for new and returning General Assembly members preceding each even-numbered year regular session and (ii) for any new General Assembly member who is elected in a special election and whose term commences after the date of the orientation session provided for in clause (i) and at least six months before the date of the next such orientation session within three months of his election. Attendance at the full orientation session shall be mandatory for newly elected members. Attendance at a refresher session lasting at least two hours shall be mandatory for returning members and may be accomplished by online participation. There shall be no penalty for the failure of a member to attend the full or refresher orientation session, but the member must disclose his attendance pursuant to § 30-111.


2014, cc. 792, 804.


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