§ 30-236

(Contingent expiration date — see notes) Powers and duties of the Commission

A. The Commission shall have the following powers and duties:

1. Serve as the primary forum in the Commonwealth where the needs of and issues affecting people with physical and sensory disabilities are identified and addressed through the collaboration of members of the legislative and executive branches of state government, including the staff of legislative and executive branch agencies, and citizens of the Commonwealth;

2. Develop, evaluate, and advance budget proposals and legislative and policy recommendations to support a service system that maximizes the self-sufficiency of Virginians with disabilities;

3. Develop and evaluate recommendations for service program changes and funding related to services for persons with physical and sensory disabilities;

4. Advise on local, state and federal policies and programs relevant to citizens with disabilities;

5. Serve as the primary body for coordinating proposals and recommendations of all commissions and agencies for legislation or budget actions affecting persons with physical and sensory disabilities, including receiving, reviewing, and responding to proposals and recommendations; and

6. Convene work groups composed of persons with expertise in the matters under consideration by the Commission to assist the Commission on issues related to (i) housing and transportation, (ii) education and employment, (iii) publicly funded services, and (iv) such other issues as the Commission may deem necessary. Persons serving on the work groups shall serve without compensation.


2004, cc. 992, 1015; 2011, c. 686; 2012, c. 741.


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