§ 30-249


In carrying out the purposes set forth in this article, the Commission shall have the following duties:

1. Identify specific Bay management concerns requiring intergovernmental coordination and cooperation; and recommend to the federal, state and local governments that are involved in the Chesapeake Bay region legislative and administrative actions necessary to effectuate coordinated and cooperative management for the Bay;

2. Consider, in administering the provisions of this Agreement, the needs of the region for industrial and agricultural development and for gainful employment and maintenance of a high-quality environment;

3. Respect and support the primary role of the respective signatory states and their administrative agencies in managing the resources of the region;

4. Collect, analyze and disseminate information pertaining to the region and its resources for the respective legislative bodies. The Commission shall prepare an annual report indicating the status of environmental and economic Bay issues involving the Chesapeake Bay and the progress of coordinative efforts by the member states;

5. Represent common interests of the signatories as they are affected by the activities of the federal government and shall assist in the monitoring of those activities in the Chesapeake Bay region; and

6. Provide, as may be determined, a forum to serve as an advisory mediator for programmatic conflicts between or among the member states when such action is requested by the conflicting member states.


1980, c. 662, § 62.1-69.13; 1985, c. 149; 2004, c. 1000.


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