§ 30-312

Commission report to General Assembly

The Commission shall report annually by the first day of each General Assembly Regular Session on all endorsed incentive packages. Staff identified in § 30-311 shall assist the commission in preparing such report, which shall contain the following information: (i) the industrial sector of the MEI project or other economic development project, (ii) known competitor states, (iii) employment creation and capital investment expectations, (iv) anticipated average annual wage of the new jobs, (v) local and state returns on investment as prepared by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority, (vi) expected time frame for repayment of the incentives to the Commonwealth in the form of direct and indirect general tax revenues, (vii) details of the proposed incentive package, including the breakdown of the components into various uses and an expected timeline for payments, and (viii) draft legislation or amendments to the Appropriation Act that propose financing for the endorsed incentive package through the Virginia Public Building Authority or any other proposed funding or financing mechanisms.


2009, cc. 246, 311; 2010, cc. 543, 716.


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