§ 30-356.2

Right to grant extensions in special circumstances

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any person required to file the disclosure form prescribed in Article 3 or the Acts shall be entitled to an extension where good cause for granting such an extension has been shown, as determined by the Council. Good cause shall include:

1. The death of a relative of the filer, as relative is defined in the definition of “gift” in Article 3 or the Acts.

2. A state of emergency is declared by the Governor pursuant to Chapter 3.2 (§ 44-146.13 et seq.) of Title 44 or declared by the President of the United States or the governor of another state pursuant to law and confirmed by the Governor by an executive order, and such an emergency interferes with the timely filing of disclosure forms. The extension shall be granted only for those filers in areas affected by such emergency.

3. The filer is a member of a uniformed service of the United States and is on active duty on the date of the filing deadline.

4. A failure of the electronic filing system and the failure of such system prevents the timely filing of disclosure forms.


2016, cc. 773, 774.


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