§ 32.1-162.13

Revocation or suspension of license

A. The Commissioner is authorized to revoke or suspend any license issued hereunder if the holder of the license fails to comply with the provisions of this article or with the regulations of the Board.

B. If a license is revoked as herein provided, the Commissioner may issue a new license upon application therefor if, when, and after the conditions upon which revocation was based have been corrected and all provisions of this article and applicable regulations have been complied with.

C. Whenever a license is revoked or suspended the Commissioner may request the Office of the Attorney General to petition the circuit court of the jurisdiction in which the home care organization is located for an injunction to cause such home care organization to cease providing services.

D. Suspension of a license shall in all cases be for an indefinite time and the suspension may be lifted and rights under the license fully or partially restored at such time as the Commissioner determines that the rights of the licensee appear to so require and the interests of the public will not be jeopardized by resumption of operation.

E. The Commissioner shall notify the Department of Medical Assistance Services whenever any license is revoked, suspended, or expired for the purpose of terminating or suspending the licensee Medicaid provider agreement.


1986, c. 633; 1991, c. 695; 2010, c. 790.


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