§ 32.1-162.7


As used in this article:

“Health care professional” means any professional who is licensed, certified or registered to practice by a board within the Department of Health Professions under Title 54.1 or is licensed, certified or registered by a nationally recognized professional organization specified in Board regulations.

Home care organization” means a public or private organization, whether operated for profit or not for profit, that provides, at the residence of a patient or individual in the Commonwealth of Virginia, one or more of the following services:

1. Home health services, including services provided by or under the direct supervision of any health care professional under a medical plan of care in a patient’s residence on a visit or hourly basis to patients who have or are at risk of injury, illness, or a disabling condition and require short-term or long-term interventions;

2. Personal care services, including assistance in personal care to include activities of daily living provided in an individual’s residence on a visit or hourly basis to individuals who have or are at risk of an illness, injury or disabling condition; or

3. Pharmaceutical services, including services provided in a patient’s residence, which include the dispensing and administration of a drug or drugs, and parenteral nutritional support, associated patient instruction, and such other services as identified by the Board of Health by regulation.

Person” includes any partnership, corporation, association or other legal entity, public or private.”Residence” means the place where the individual or patient makes his home such as his own apartment or house, a relative’s home or an assisted living facility, but shall not include a hospital, nursing facility or nursing home or other extended care facility.


1986, c. 633; 1991, c. 695; 1993, cc. 957, 993.


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