§ 32.1-276.7

Methodology to review and measure the efficiency and productivity of health care providers

A. Pursuant to the contract identified in § 32.1-276.4, and consistent with recommendations set forth in strategic plans submitted and approved pursuant to § 32.1-276.4, the nonprofit organization shall administer and modify, as appropriate, the methodology to review and measure the efficiency and productivity of health care providers. The methodology shall provide for, but not be limited to, comparisons of a health care provider’s performance to national and regional data, where available, and may include different methodologies and reporting requirements for the assessment of the various types of health care providers which report to it. Health care providers shall submit the data necessary for implementation of the requirements of this section pursuant to regulations of the Board. Individual health care provider filings shall be open to public inspection once they have been received pursuant to the methodology adopted by the Board as required by this section.

B. The data reporting requirements of this section shall not apply to those health care providers enumerated in (iv) and (v) of the definition of health care providers set forth in § 32.1-276.3 until a strategic plan submitted pursuant to § 32.1-276.4 is approved requiring such reporting and any implementing laws and regulations take effect.


1996, c. 902.


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