§ 32.1-330

Preadmission screening required

All individuals who will be eligible for community or institutional long-term care services as defined in the state plan for medical assistance shall be evaluated to determine their need for nursing facility services as defined in that plan. The Department shall require a preadmission screening of all individuals who, at the time of application for admission to a certified nursing facility as defined in § 32.1-123, are eligible for medical assistance or will become eligible within six months following admission. For community-based screening, the screening team shall consist of a nurse, social worker or other assessor designated by the Department, and physician who are employees of the Department of Health or the local department of social services or a team of licensed physicians, nurses, and social workers at the Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC) for WWRC clients only. For institutional screening, the Department shall contract with acute care hospitals. The Department shall contract with other public or private entities to conduct required community-based and institutional screenings in addition to or in lieu of the screening teams described in this section in jurisdictions in which the screening team has been unable to complete screenings of individuals within 30 days of such individuals’ application.


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