§ 32.1-331.14

Duties of the Committee

A. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board regarding drugs or categories of drugs to be subject to prior authorization and prior authorization requirements for prescription drug coverage under the state plan, as well as any subsequent amendments to or revisions of such prior authorization requirements from time to time. The Board may accept or reject such recommendations in whole or in part, and may amend or add to such recommendations, except that the Board may not add to the recommendation of drugs and categories of drugs to be subject to prior authorization.

B. In formulating its recommendations to the Board, the Committee shall not be deemed to be formulating regulations for the purposes of the Administrative Process Act (§ 2.2-4000 et seq.). The Committee shall, however, conduct public hearings prior to making such recommendations to the Board. The Committee shall give thirty days’ written notice by mail of the time and place of its hearings and meetings to any manufacturer whose product is being reviewed by the Committee and to those manufacturers who request the Committee in writing that they be informed of such hearings and meetings. Such persons shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard and present information. In addition, the Committee shall give thirty days’ notice of such public hearings to the public by publishing its intention to conduct hearings and meetings in the Calendar of Events of the Virginia Register of Regulations and a newspaper of general circulation located in Richmond.

C. In acting on the recommendations of the Committee, the Board shall be required to conduct further proceedings under the Administrative Process Act.


1993, c. 537.


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