§ 32.1-366

Virginia Health Care Fund established

A. There is hereby created in the state treasury a special nonreverting fund to be known as the Virginia Health Care Fund, hereafter referred to as the “Fund.” The Fund shall be established on the books of the Comptroller and any moneys remaining in the Fund at the end of each fiscal year shall not revert to the general fund but shall remain in the Fund. For purposes of the Comptroller’s preliminary and final annual reports required by § 2.2-813, however, all deposits to and disbursements from the Fund shall be accounted for as part of the general fund of the state treasury.

B. All revenue received by the Commonwealth pursuant to the provisions of (i) §§ 58.1-1001 and 58.1-1018, (ii) Article 2.1 (§ 58.1-1021.01 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of Title 58.1, and (iii) § 3.2-4203 shall be paid into the state treasury and deposited to the Fund. The Comptroller shall also deposit 40 percent of the Commonwealth’s allocation pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement with tobacco product manufacturers, as defined in § 3.2-3100, to the Fund. The Fund shall also consist of all recoveries received during a fiscal year resulting from expenditures incurred in the Medicaid program during a prior fiscal year or years to the extent that such amounts represent recoveries of state funds that would otherwise be deposited to the general fund of the state treasury.


2004, Sp. Sess. I, c. 3; 2005, cc. 899, 901.


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