§ 32.1-37.2

Consent for testing for human immunodeficiency virus; condition on disclosure of test results; counseling required; exceptions

A. Prior to performing any test to determine infection with human immunodeficiency virus, a medical care provider shall inform the patient that the test is planned, provide information about the test, and advise the patient that he has the right to decline the test. If a patient declines the test, the medical care provider shall note that fact in the patient’s medical file.

B. Every person who has a confirmed positive test result for human immunodeficiency virus shall be afforded the opportunity for individual face-to-face disclosure of the test results and appropriate counseling. Appropriate counseling shall include, but not be limited to, the meaning of the test results, the need for additional testing, the etiology, prevention and effects of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, the availability of appropriate health care, mental health care and social services, the need to notify any person who may have been exposed to the virus and the availability of assistance through the Department of Health in notifying such individuals.

C. Opportunity for face-to-face disclosure of the test results and appropriate counseling shall not be required when the tests are conducted by blood collection agencies. However, all blood collection agencies shall notify the Board of Health of any positive tests.

D. In the case of a person applying for accident and sickness or life insurance who is the subject of a test to determine infection for human immunodeficiency virus, insurers’ practices including an explanation of the meaning of the test, the manner of obtaining consent, the method of disclosure of the test results and any counseling requirements shall be as set forth in the regulations of the State Corporation Commission.


1989, c. 613; 2008, c. 641.


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