Hospital And Nursing Home Licensure And Inspection

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Hospital And Nursing Home Licensure And Inspection.” It is part of Title 32.1, titled “Health.” It is part of Chapter 5, titled “Regulation Of Medical Care Facilities And Services.” It’s comprised of the following 50 sections.

§ 32.1-123
§ 32.1-124
§ 32.1-125
Establishment or operation of hospitals and nursing homes prohibited without license or certification; licenses not transferable
§ 32.1-125.01
Failing to report; penalty
§ 32.1-125.1
Inspection of hospitals by state agencies generally
§ 32.1-125.2
Disclosure of other providers of services
§ 32.1-125.3
Bed capacity and licensure in hospitals designated as critical access hospitals; designation as rural hospital
§ 32.1-125.4
Retaliation or discrimination against complainants
§ 32.1-125.5
Confidentiality of complainant's identity
§ 32.1-126
Commissioner to inspect and to issue licenses to or assure compliance with certification requirements for hospitals, nursing homes and certified nursing facilities; notice of denial of license; consultative advice and assistance; notice to electric utilities
§ 32.1-126.01
Employment for compensation of persons convicted of certain offenses prohibited; criminal records check required; suspension or revocation of license
§ 32.1-126.02
Hospital pharmacy employees; criminal records check required
§ 32.1-126.1
Asbestos inspection for hospitals
§ 32.1-126.2
Fire suppression systems required in nursing facilities and nursing homes
§ 32.1-126.3
Fire suppression systems required in hospitals
§ 32.1-126.4
Hospital standing orders or protocols for certain vaccinations
§ 32.1-127
§ 32.1-127.001
Certain design and construction standards to be incorporated in hospital and nursing home licensure regulations
§ 32.1-127.01
Regulations to authorize certain sanctions and guidelines
§ 32.1-127.1
Immunity from liability for routine referral for organ and tissue donation
§ 32.1-127.1:01
Record storage
§ 32.1-127.1:02
§ 32.1-127.1:03
Health records privacy
§ 32.1-127.1:04
Use or disclosure of certain protected health information required
§ 32.1-127.1:05
Breach of medical information notification
§ 32.1-127.2
§ 32.1-127.3
Immunity from liability for certain free health care services
§ 32.1-128
Applicability to hospitals and nursing homes for practice of religious tenets
§ 32.1-129
Application for license
§ 32.1-130
Service charges
§ 32.1-131
Expiration and renewal of licenses
§ 32.1-132
Alterations or additions to hospitals and nursing homes; when new license required; use of inpatient hospital beds for furnishing skilled care services
§ 32.1-133
Display of license
§ 32.1-134
Family planning information in hospitals providing maternity care
§ 32.1-134.01
Certain information required for maternity patients
§ 32.1-134.02
Infants; blood sample provided to parents
§ 32.1-134.1
When denial, etc., to duly licensed physician of staff membership or professional privileges improper
§ 32.1-134.2
Clinical privileges for certain practitioners
§ 32.1-134.3
Response to applications for clinical privileges
§ 32.1-134.4
Right of podiatrists or nurse practitioners to injunction
§ 32.1-135
Revocation or suspension of license or certification; restriction or prohibition of new admissions to nursing home
§ 32.1-135.1
Certain advertisements prohibited
§ 32.1-135.2
Offer or payment of remuneration in exchange for referral prohibited
§ 32.1-136
Violation; penalties
§ 32.1-137
Certification of medical care facilities under Title XVIII of Social Security Act
§ 32.1-137.01
Posting of charity care policies
§ 32.1-137.02
Hospital discharge procedures
§ 32.1-137.03
Discharge planning; designation of individual to provide care
§ 32.1-137.04
Patient notice of observation or outpatient status
§ 32.1-137.05
Advance disclosure of charge for elective procedure, test, or service