Sewage Disposal

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “Sewage Disposal.” It is part of Title 32.1, titled “Health.” It is part of Chapter 6, titled “Environmental Health Services.” It’s comprised of the following 18 sections.

§ 32.1-163
§ 32.1-163.1
Personal liability of sanitarians defined
§ 32.1-163.2
Long range plan for onsite sewage
§ 32.1-163.3
Identities of persons making certain reports to remain confidential
§ 32.1-163.4
Procedures for application backlogs; individuals approved to conduct evaluations for septic system or other onsite sewage system permit applications
§ 32.1-163.5
Onsite sewage evaluations
§ 32.1-163.6
Professional engineering of onsite treatment works
§ 32.1-164
Powers and duties of Board; regulations; fees; onsite soil evaluators; letters in lieu of permits; inspections; civil penalties
§ 32.1-164.1
Appeals from denials of septic tank permits; inspections
§ 32.1-164.1:01
Onsite Sewage Indemnification fund
§ 32.1-164.1:1
Validity of certain septic tank permits
§ 32.1-164.1:2
Eligibility for betterment loans to repair or replace failing onsite sewage systems
§ 32.1-164.1:3
Permits for voluntary system upgrades
§ 32.1-164.2
§ 32.1-164.8
Onsite Operation and Maintenance Fund established
§ 32.1-164.9
Regulations for chamber and bundled expanded polystyrene effluent distribution systems for onsite sewage systems
§ 32.1-165
Prior approval required before issuance of building permit; approved sewage system or nonconforming system
§ 32.1-166
Agreements with federal agencies