§ 33.2-1017

Taking highway materials from streams, rivers, and watercourses

Whenever the Commissioner of Highways determines that it is necessary or desirable to remove materials from the streams, rivers, or watercourses for use on public highways, he shall submit to the Marine Resources Commission his plan for the removal and all conditions relating thereto for its review and concurrence. After receiving the concurrence of the Marine Resources Commission, the Commissioner of Highways may take for use on the public highways in the Commonwealth sand, gravel, rock, and any other materials deemed by him suitable for road purposes from the streams, rivers, and watercourses, title to the bed of which is in the Commonwealth, and in addition to the power of eminent domain already vested in him may acquire by condemnation all property, rights, and easements necessary to enable him to obtain and make use of such materials. All such proceedings shall be governed by the provisions of law governing the exercise by the Commissioner of Highways of the power of eminent domain for state highway purposes.


Code 1950, § 33-69; 1968, c. 659; 1970, c. 322, § 33.1-117; 2014, c. 805.


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