§ 33.2-1020

Payment of certificates of deposit; notice to owner

A. A certificate of deposit shall be deemed and held for the purpose of this article to be payment into the custody of such court. Payment against any certificate of deposit so issued and countersigned, when ordered by the court named therein, shall be paid by the State Treasurer on warrants of the Comptroller, issued on vouchers signed by the Commissioner of Highways.

B. A duplicate of each certificate of deposit so issued and countersigned shall be kept as a record in the office of the Commissioner of Highways and a copy thereof shall be filed with the State Treasurer.

C. The Commissioner of Highways shall give notice to the owner or tenant of the freehold by registered mail, if known, that a certificate of deposit will be filed.


Code 1950, § 33-70.3; 1958, c. 581; 1970, c. 322, § 33.1-121; 2003, c. 940; 2014, c. 805.


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