§ 33.2-1500

Legislative findings and purposes

The General Assembly finds that there exists in the Commonwealth a critical need for additional sources of funding to finance the present and future needs of the Commonwealth for the design and construction of highways, including toll facilities; mass transit; freight, passenger and commuter rail, including rolling stock; and port, airport, and other transportation facilities. This need can be alleviated in part through the creation of a transportation infrastructure bank. The purpose of such bank is to encourage the investment of both public and private funds and to make loans and other financial assistance available to localities, private entities, and other eligible borrowers to finance eligible transportation projects. The General Assembly determines that the creation of a transportation infrastructure bank for this purpose is in the public interest, serves a public purpose, and will promote the health, safety, welfare, convenience, or prosperity of the people of the Commonwealth.


2011, cc. 830, 868, § 33.1-23.6; 2014, c. 805.


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