§ 33.2-1803.1

Finding of public interest

A. Prior to the initiation of a procurement pursuant to § 33.2-1803, the chief executive officer of the responsible public entity shall make a finding of public interest. Such finding shall include information set forth in subsection B.

B. At a minimum, a finding of public interest shall contain the following information:

1. A description of the benefits expected to be realized by the responsible public entity through the use of this chapter compared with the development and/or operation of the transportation facility through other options available to the responsible public entity.

2. A statement of the risks, liabilities, and responsibilities to be transferred, assigned, or assumed by the private entity, which shall include the following:

a. A discussion of whether revenue risk will be transferred to the private entity and the degree to which any such transfer may be mitigated through other provisions in the interim or comprehensive agreements;

b. A description of the risks, liabilities, and responsibilities to be retained by the responsible public entity; and

c. Other items determined appropriate by the responsible public entity in the guidelines for this chapter.

3. The determination of whether the project has a high, medium, or low level of project delivery risk and a description of how such determination was made. If the qualifying transportation facility is determined to contain high risk, a description of how the public’s interest will be protected through the transfer, assignment, or assumption of risks or responsibilities by the private entity in the event that issues arise with the development and/or operation of the qualifying transportation facility.

4. If the responsible public entity proposes to enter into an interim or comprehensive agreement pursuant to subdivision 2 of § 33.2-1819, information and the rationale demonstrating that proceeding in this manner is more beneficial than proceeding pursuant to subdivision 1 of § 33.2-1819.


2015, c. 612.


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