§ 33.2-1924

Acquisition of median strips for transit facilities in interstate highways

When the district commission, the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and the governing bodies of the component governments determine that the time schedule for construction of any interstate highway, as defined in § 33.2-100, within the district makes it necessary to acquire median strips for transit facilities in such highway prior to the adoption of a transportation plan, each county and city within the district is authorized to pay to the Commonwealth Transportation Board such sums as may be agreed upon among the district commission and such counties and cities to provide the Commonwealth Transportation Board with the necessary matching funds to acquire the median strips. Any such acquisition shall be made by and in the name of the Commonwealth Transportation Board.


1964, c. 631, § 15.1-1361; 1997, c. 587, § 15.1-4523; 2014, c. 805.


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