§ 33.2-2401

Northern Virginia Transportation District Program

A. The General Assembly declares it to be in the public interest that the economic development needs and economic growth potential of Northern Virginia be addressed by a special transportation program to provide for the costs of providing an adequate, modern, safe, and efficient transportation network in Northern Virginia that shall be known as the Northern Virginia Transportation District Program (the Program), including environmental and engineering studies, rights-of-way acquisition, construction, improvements to all modes of transportation, and financing costs. The Program consists of the projects listed in clause (i) of subsection B of § 33.2-2400.

B. Allocations to the Program from the Fund shall be made annually by the Commonwealth Transportation Board for the creation and enhancement of a safe and efficient transportation system connecting the communities, businesses, places of employment, and residences of the Commonwealth, thereby enhancing the economic development potential, employment opportunities, mobility, and quality of life in the Commonwealth.

C. Except in the event that the Fund is insufficient to pay for the costs of the Program, allocations to the Program shall not diminish or replace allocations made from other sources or diminish allocations to which any district, system, or locality would be entitled under other provisions of this title but shall be supplemental to other allocations to the end that transportation improvements in the Northern Virginia Transportation District may be accelerated and augmented. Allocations under this subsection shall be limited to projects specified in subdivision 12 of § 33.2-1700.

D. The Commonwealth Transportation Board may expend such funds from all sources as may be lawfully available to initiate the Program and to support bonds and other obligations referenced in subsection E.

E. The Commonwealth Transportation Board is authorized to receive, dedicate, or use (i) first from revenues received from the Fund; (ii) to the extent required, funds appropriated and allocated, pursuant to the highway allocation formula as provided by law, to the highway construction district in which the project or projects to be financed are located or to the city or county in which the project or projects to be financed are located; (iii) to the extent required, legally available revenues of the Transportation Trust Fund; and (iv) such other funds that may be appropriated by the General Assembly for the payment of bonds or other obligations, including interest thereon, issued in furtherance of the Program. No such bond or other obligations shall pledge the full faith and credit of the Commonwealth.


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