§ 33.2-2704

District advisory board

Within 30 days after the establishment of the district under this chapter, the governing body from each locality within which any portion of the district is located shall appoint six members to a district advisory board. Three of the six members from each locality shall be chosen by the local governing body from nominations submitted to the local governing body by the petitioners. All members shall own or represent commercially or industrially zoned land within the district. Each member shall be appointed for a term of four years, except the initial appointment of advisory board members shall provide that the terms of three of the members shall be for two years. If a vacancy occurs with respect to an advisory board member initially appointed by a local governing body, or any successor of such a member, the local governing body shall appoint a new member who is a representative or owner of commercially or industrially zoned property within the local district. If a vacancy occurs with respect to an advisory board member initially nominated by the petitioners, or any successor thereof, the remaining advisory board members initially nominated by the petitioners, or their successors, shall nominate a new member for selection by the local governing body.District advisory board members shall serve without pay, but the local governing body shall provide the advisory board with facilities for the holding of meetings, and the commission shall appropriate funds needed to defray the reasonable expenses and fees of the advisory board, which shall not exceed $ 20,000 annually, including expenses and fees arising out of the preparation of the annual report. Such appropriations shall be based on an annual budget submitted by the advisory board, and approved by the commission, sufficient to carry out its responsibilities under this chapter. The advisory board shall elect a chairman and a secretary and such other officers as it deems necessary. The advisory board shall fix the time for holding regular meetings and shall meet at least once every year. Special meetings of the advisory board shall be called by the chairman or by two members of the advisory board upon written request to the secretary of the advisory board. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.The advisory board shall present an annual report to the commission on the transportation needs of the district and on the activities of the advisory board, and the advisory board shall present special reports on transportation matters as requested by the commission or the local governing body concerning taxes to be levied pursuant to this chapter.


2004, c. 966, § 33.1-451; 2014, c. 805.


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