§ 33.2-2914

Powers of the Commonwealth Transportation Board

The Commonwealth Transportation Board may:

1. Enter into and perform contracts or agreements with the Authority to furnish it with surveys, engineering, borings, plans, and specifications and other technical services, reports, studies, and data, the cost of which shall be reimbursed by the Authority as a part of the cost of the project in connection with which such contracts or agreements were entered into;

2. Allocate to and for the construction, operation, or maintenance of any highways constructed by the Authority and pay to the Authority such funds as may be or become available to the Commonwealth Transportation Board for such purposes;

3. Permit the connection of any highways constructed or acquired by the Authority with highways under the control and jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Transportation Board; and

4. Employ independent consulting engineers having a nationwide and favorable repute in estimating traffic over any such highways to determine whether the construction of such highways will result in substantial reduction in the volume of traffic over Interstate 95 and use funds under the control of the Commonwealth Transportation Board for that purpose.


2009, c. 471, § 15.2-7014; 2014, c. 805.


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