§ 33.2-321

Agreements between Commonwealth Transportation Board and certain counties for operation of certain devices on state highways

The Commissioner of Highways is empowered to enter into agreements with the governing bodies of counties that have withdrawn or elect to withdraw from the secondary state highway system pursuant to § 11 of Chapter 415 of the Acts of Assembly of 1932, upon such terms as may be agreeable between the parties, in order to authorize such counties to install, maintain, and control traffic signals, parking meters, lane-use control signals, and other traffic control devices at specific locations on the primary or secondary state highway system within such counties. Such counties and the Commissioner of Highways shall have the authority to do all things reasonable or convenient to effectuate the purposes of this section.


1977, c. 175, § 33.1-46.3; 2014, c. 805; 2015, c. 256.


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