§ 33.2-707

Duty of viewers

The viewers or the county road engineer or county road manager shall, as early as practicable after receiving the order of the local governing body, proceed to make the view and may examine routes and locations other than that proposed and if of the opinion that there is a necessity to establish or alter the location of the public highway or bridge shall locate the same and make a report to the local governing body that includes a map or diagram of the location made and that states:

1. Their reasons for preferring the location made;

2. The probable cost of establishing or altering the location of such highway or bridge;

3. The convenience and inconvenience that will result to individuals as well as to the public;

4. Whether the highway or bridge will be one of such mere private convenience as to make it proper that it should be opened, established, or altered and kept in order by the person for whose convenience it is desired;

5. Whether any yard, garden, or orchard will have to be taken;

6. The names of the landowners on such route;

7. Which of such landowners require compensation;

8. What will be a just compensation to the landowners requiring compensation for the land so taken and for the damages to the residue of the tract, if any, beyond the peculiar benefits to be derived in respect to such residue, from the highway or bridge to be established; and

9. All other facts and circumstances in their opinion useful in enabling the local governing body to determine the expediency of establishing or altering the highway or bridge.

They shall file such report with the clerk of the local governing body.


Code 1950, § 33-144; 1964, c. 565; 1970, c. 322, § 33.1-231; 2014, c. 805.


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