§ 35.1-26

Cities, counties, and towns may by ordinance exempt certain fairs

The governing body of any county, city, or town may provide by ordinance that this title shall not apply to:

1. Food booths at fairs, if such booths are promoted or sponsored by any political subdivision of the Commonwealth or by any charitable nonprofit organization or group thereof.

The ordinance shall provide that the health officer of the county, city, or town in which the fair or activity is held, or a qualified person designated by him, shall exercise such supervision of the sale of food as the ordinance may prescribe.


Code 1950, § 35-38.1; 1964, c. 462; 1981, c. 468; 1983, c. 251; 2011, c. 465; 2013, cc. 188, 317, 512.


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