§ 36-135

Board of Housing and Community Development; members; terms; chairman; appointment of ad hoc committee

A. The Board of Housing and Community Development within the Department of Housing and Community Development shall consist of 14 members as follows: 11 members, one representing each congressional district in the Commonwealth, who are appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the General Assembly, the Executive Director of the Virginia Housing Development Authority as an ex officio voting member; a member of the Virginia Fire Services Board, to be appointed by the chairman of that Board; and the Director of Regulatory Compliance of the Virginia Building and Code Officials Association, who shall be a member of the Board’s Codes and Standards Committee, but shall not serve as either the chairman of such committee or of the Board. Members shall serve for four-year terms and no member shall serve for more than two full successive terms. A chairman of the Board shall be elected annually by the Board.

B. Whenever the Board of Housing and Community Development proposes a change to statewide building and fire regulations, the Board may convene an ad hoc committee, including but not limited to representatives of those industry groups directly affected by such change, to advise the Board on such matters.


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