§ 36-52.3

Adoption and designation of “rehabilitation area.”

A. Whenever it appears to the governing body of any locality that a portion of such locality adjacent to an area embraced in a “conservation plan,” approved by such body pursuant to § 36-49.1, is in the early stages of deterioration and determines that if not rehabilitated such area is likely to continue to deteriorate and become eligible for designation as a conservation area, such governing body may create a rehabilitation area.

B. No rehabilitation area shall be effective until notice has been sent to the property owner or owners of record in such area in accordance with subsection B of § 36-27 and an ordinance approving such rehabilitation area has been adopted by the local governing body. The ordinance shall outline specific boundaries for the rehabilitation area, establish that the rehabilitation area is adjacent to a conservation area and include such properties as are in need of rehabilitation in such area.

C. An authority is specifically empowered to encourage and assist property owners or occupants within the rehabilitation area so designated to improve their respective holdings, by suggesting improved standards for design, construction, maintenance, renovation and use of such properties and offering encouragement or assistance in other ways including the power to lend money and make grants to said owners or occupants, directed toward prevention and elimination of deteriorating conditions within such area.

D. In executing the powers provided in subsection C, an authority shall have all of the rights, powers and immunities granted in connection with conservation or redevelopment plans pursuant to this chapter except the power to acquire property through the exercise of the power of eminent domain.


1978, c. 360; 2006, c. 784.


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