§ 36-55.38

Admission and income limitations relative to housing developments

(1. Admission to housing developments financed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be limited to persons or families of low or moderate income and, in the case of economically mixed projects, such other persons and families as the HDA shall determine, subject to the limitation in subsection C of § 36-55.30:2.

(2. HDA shall make and publish rules and regulations from time to time governing the terms of tenant selection plans and income limits for tenants eligible to occupy housing developments assisted by HDA in conformance with the provisions of this chapter and such income limits may vary with the size and circumstances of the person or family.

(3. HDA shall by rules and regulations provide income standards for continued residence in housing developments assisted by HDA, and either HDA, or with its approval the housing sponsor of any such housing development may terminate the tenancy or interest of any person or family residing in any such housing development whose gross aggregate income exceeds prescribed income standards for a period of six months or more; provided, that no tenancy or interest of any such person or family in any such housing development shall be terminated except upon reasonable notice and opportunity to obtain suitable alternate housing, in accordance with rules and regulations of HDA; provided further, that any such person or family, with the approval of HDA, shall be permitted to continue to occupy the unit, subject to payment of a rent or carrying charges or surcharge to the housing sponsor in accordance with a schedule of surcharges fixed by HDA.

(4. Any person or family residing in a housing development which shall be a cooperative and is required to be removed from the housing development because of excessive income as herein provided shall be discharged from liability on any note, bond or other evidence of indebtedness relating thereto and shall be reimbursed, in accordance with the rules of HDA, for all sums paid by such person or family to the housing sponsor on account of the purchase of stock or debentures as a condition of occupancy or on account of the acquisition of title for such purpose.


1972, c. 830; 1975, c. 536; 1996, c. 498; 2004, c. 187.


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