§ 36-85.23


Each manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of manufactured homes shall warrant each new manufactured home sold in this Commonwealth, and the dealer shall warrant the set-up of each manufactured home if performed by or contracted for by the dealer, in accordance with the warranty requirements prescribed by this section for a period of at least twelve months, measured from the date of delivery of the manufactured home to the buyer. The warranty requirements for each manufacturer, dealer, and supplier are as follows:

1. The manufacturer warrants that all structural elements, plumbing systems, heating, cooling (if any), and fuel burning systems, electrical systems, and any other components included by the manufacturer are manufactured and installed free from defect.

2. The dealer warrants:

a. That any modifications or alterations made to the manufactured home by the dealer or authorized by the dealer are free from defects. Alterations or modifications made by the dealer, without written permission of the manufacturer, shall relieve the manufacturer of warranty responsibility as to the item altered or modified and any damage resulting therefrom.

b. That set-up operations performed by the dealer or by persons under contract to the dealer on the manufactured home are accomplished in compliance with the applicable Code standards for installation of manufactured homes.

c. That during the course of set-up and transportation of the manufactured home performed by the dealer or by persons under contract to the dealer, defects do not occur to the manufactured home.

3. The supplier warrants that any warranties generally offered in the ordinary sale of his product to consumers shall be extended to buyers of manufactured homes. The manufacturer’s warranty shall remain in effect notwithstanding the existence of a supplier’s warranty.


1991, c. 555; 1992, c. 223.


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