General Provisions

This is Article 1 of the Code of Virginia, titled “General Provisions.” It is part of Title 36, titled “Housing.” It is part of Chapter 6, titled “Uniform Statewide Building Code.” It’s comprised of the following 41 sections.

§ 36-100
Notice and hearings on adoption of Code, amendments and repeals
§ 36-101
Effective date of Code; when local codes may remain in effect
§ 36-102
Modification, amendment or repeal of Code provisions
§ 36-103
Buildings, etc., existing or projected before effective date of Code
§ 36-104
Code to be printed and furnished on request; true copy
§ 36-105
Enforcement of Code; appeals from decisions of local department; inspection of buildings; inspection warrants; inspection of elevators; issuance of permits
§ 36-105.01
Elevator inspections by contract
§ 36-105.1
Inspection and review of plans of buildings under construction
§ 36-105.1:1
Rental inspections; rental inspection districts; exemptions; penalties
§ 36-105.2
§ 36-105.3
Security of certain records
§ 36-105.4
Occupancy standards for residential dwelling units
§ 36-105.5
Enforcement of Building Code on Indian reservations
§ 36-106
Violation a misdemeanor; civil penalty
§ 36-107
Employment of personnel for administration of chapter
§ 36-107.1
Sale of residential structure with lead-based paint levels exceeding Code standards; penalty
§ 36-97
§ 36-98
Board to promulgate Statewide Code; other codes and regulations superseded; exceptions
§ 36-98.01
Mechanics' lien agent included on building permit for residential property at request of applicant
§ 36-98.1
State buildings; exception for certain assets owned by the Department of Transportation
§ 36-98.2
Appeals from decision of Building Official regarding state-owned buildings
§ 36-98.3
Amusement devices
§ 36-99
Provisions of Code; modifications
§ 36-99.01
Provisions related to rehabilitation of existing buildings
§ 36-99.1
§ 36-99.10
§ 36-99.10:1
Standards for installation of acoustical treatment measures in certain buildings and structures
§ 36-99.11
Identification of disabled parking spaces by above grade signage
§ 36-99.2
Standards for replacement glass
§ 36-99.3
Smoke detectors and automatic sprinkler systems in colleges and universities
§ 36-99.4
Smoke detectors in certain juvenile care facilities
§ 36-99.5
Smoke detectors for the deaf and hearing-impaired
§ 36-99.5:1
Smoke detectors and other fire detection and suppression systems in assisted living facilities, adult day care centers and nursing homes and facilities
§ 36-99.6
Underground and aboveground storage tank inspections
§ 36-99.6:1
§ 36-99.6:2
Installation of in-building emergency communication equipment for emergency public safety personnel
§ 36-99.6:3
Regulation of HVAC facilities
§ 36-99.7
Asbestos inspection in buildings to be renovated or demolished; exceptions
§ 36-99.8
§ 36-99.9
Standards for fire suppression systems in certain facilities
§ 36-99.9:1
Standards for fire suppression systems in hospitals