§ 37.2-509

Mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services; allocation of funds by Department; reduction of funds

A. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Department shall allocate available state-controlled funds to community services boards for disbursement in accordance with procedures established by the Department and performance contracts approved by the Department. Allocations of state-controlled funds to each community services board shall be determined by the Department, after careful consideration of all of the following factors:

1. The total amounts of state-controlled funds appropriated for this purpose;

2. Previous allocations of state-controlled funds to each community services board;

3. Requirements or conditions attached to appropriations of state-controlled funds by the General Assembly, the Governor, or federal granting authorities;

4. Community services board input about the uses of and methodologies for allocating existing and new state-controlled funds; and

5. Other relevant and appropriate considerations.Allocations to any community services board for operating expenses, including salaries and other costs, or the construction of facilities shall not exceed 90 percent of the total amount of state and local matching funds provided for these expenses or such construction, unless a waiver is granted by the Department pursuant to policy adopted by the Board.

B. The Department shall notify the governing body of each city or county that established the community services board before implementing any reduction of state-controlled funds. Before any city or county reduces local government matching funds, it shall notify its community services board and the Department.

C. All fees collected by the community services board shall be included in its performance contract and retained and used by the board for mental health, developmental, and substance abuse services purposes.


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